toronto healing arts centre mission

Our mission at the centre is to support the evolution of healing arts and the practitioners who are forging new paths in
holistic services. We provide a homey, relaxed, yet professional environment that supports both therapists and their

The Toronto Healing Arts Centre was founded in 1983 at Bloor and Christie. Dr. Nicholas Ashfield began with the intention
of having a healing space where independent practitioners could come to practice their unique services. While The Toronto
Healing Arts Centre continues to pioneer in the field of alternative therapies, over the years, many of the modalities we
started with are now mainstream. Today, we have two beautiful buildings with over twenty individual therapy rooms; a
classroom and the only sensory deprivation tank (float tank) in Ontario.

Moving forward in this technological age, we are dedicated to honouring traditional approaches to healing while
recognizing the benefits of the networking age. It is with this in mind that we are fully supporting all of our practitioners
in promoting their services in the world wide web and we are making the centre more accessible on a global scale to

We look forward to many more years with our independent therapists and we thank all of those who, in the last 26 years,
have added to the amazing energy of the Toronto Healing Arts Centre.

Nicholas Ashfield
The Toronto Healing Arts Centre
Complementary and Alternative Therapy in Toronto
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