building-202x195It is the mission of the Toronto Healing Arts Centre to make holistic services available to the public by facilitating independent therapists to grow their practices and encouraging them to create new pathways of healing.

In the spring of 1983, the Toronto Healing Arts Centre was founded by Dr. Nicholas Ashfield with the vision of creating a permanent home for holistic healing with a warm and relaxed yet professional atmosphere. Starting with 7 treatment rooms and four practitioners, THAC has grown to include 30 office spaces, a classroom, two Floatarium tanks, and over 80 independent holistic therapists. Our Practitioners are pioneers in the field of alternative therapies and many of the healing modalities first offered at our centre are now widely available around the world.

Recently, we celebrated 30 years of service. We would like to take this opportunity to honor the hundreds of therapists who have walked through our doors, who have caught the spirit, shared the vision, and participated in the manifestation of what is one of Canada’s largest healing arts centers.